Found in the Widow’s Pension File: How to get to “out-of-the-way-places”

USGS Wilmore Quadrangle Snippet

1905 USGS Wilmore Quadrangle Snippet

This made me laugh out loud the first time I read it, just because it was written in 1912 and still holds true 100 years later. “The Pocket”, where the home-place was, is a bit of a ride for “city folk”- now and then!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Lexington, KY., Oct 5 ‘12

Hon. Commissioner Pensions,

Washington, DC.

Dear sir:-

Through investigation it was found that the home of this claimant was in quite an out-of-the-way place and as a guide would be necessary, it was thought best to use automobile service; the driver of which also acted as guide because of his knowledge of the roads leading to the place. Thus, expenses for meals, buggy hire and other incidental expenses were avoided and much time saved.

Hoping this explanation is satisfactory.

I am yours respectfully

P.D. Robinson

Examining Surgeon

If you look at a 1905 US Geological Map (above, red circle marks the approximate spot) and a Google Earth image today (below, star is the marker), you will see, it’s still “out there”.

This is one of the gems I found in my Great-great-great-grandmother’s widow’s pension file. She was applying for a pension for herself and a so-called “helpless child”, since she was the caretaker of her then 16 year old son. An examiner was sent to her house for confirmation, because she had claimed to be unable to travel to the Board of Examinations with her son.

Google Maps Image

Google Maps Image “The Pocket”

I have more than 100 pages of pension and widow’s pension papers, so more finds to come!